Child Care Subsidy System

The Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS) is the online system we use to administer the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). It holds records like enrolments and session reports. This information is used to calculate payments for families. Providers must register with PRODA to access the system.

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Families access the CCSS through their Centrelink online account via:

In the system, families can:

  • see payment information
  • view attendance records
  • confirm enrolments.


Providers access the CCSS through:

All providers apply for CCS approval via the PEP. Once approved, you can continue using the PEP or use an approved third-party software.

To access the PEP, you must first register with Provider Digital Access (PRODA). Any staff that will use the CCSS must also register with PRODA.

Provider Entry Point

In the PEP, you can:

  • apply to become an approved provider
  • add or remove a service
  • update staff and organisation details
  • create session reports and enrolments
  • view entitlements and payments
  • make ACCS claims
  • update the Family Day Care Exceptions Register.

For help using the PEP, see the task cards below.

Third-party software

Once approved to administer CCS, you may choose to use an approved third-party software instead of the PEP.

Most providers use third-party software for the business features they provide, like: 

  • rostering
  • room management
  • invoicing
  • vacancy management
  • payroll.

View a list of approved third-party software.

See a task card for help linking your third-party software to the CCSS

Become a third-party software provider

If you’re interested in registering a software product that can transact with the CCSS, email Services Australia at


PRODA is an online authentication system. You can use it to securely access government online services.

To get a PRODA account you need to:

  • create a username and password
  • set up security questions and answers
  • verify your identity using documents such as a passport, driver’s licence and Medicare card.

If you're a manager

Persons with management or control must:

  • create their own PRODA account
  • register the organisation in PRODA
  • link the organisation to the PEP.

From the My linked services screen, select the PRODA Organisations tab on the top right. From here you can register or manage your organisation 's details.

Your organisation’s details will be checked against the Australian Business Register (ABR). Your individual PRODA account name must match an associated member name on the ABR.

Once you register you organisation in PRODA, you can link CCS as a service and access the PEP.

If you’re a staff member

All staff that will use the CCSS need to create their own PRODA account.

Once you register, you’ll get a PRODA Registration Authority (RA) number. It will be sent to the email address in your PRODA account.

You then need to give your RA number to the person with management or control of your organisation. They’ll link your account to your organisation in PRODA. You can then do updates for your organisation using the PEP or a software product.

Task cards