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International Education Programmes

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Qualifications recognition, ESOS framework, Tuition Protection Service

The department provides qualifications recognition services using the Australian Qualifications Framework as a benchmark. It also provides rigorous protection for international students through the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislation and the Tuition Protection Service,...

Data and research

The department provides data, research and analysis on many aspects of international education in Australia and globally.

Endeavour scholarships, fellowships and grants

The Australian Government’s Endeavour Scholarships, Fellowships and Endeavour Mobility Grants support two-way engagement between Australia and the rest of the world. The scholarship and grants provide life changing opportunities for Australian and overseas students and professionals to access...

International counsellors, agreements and multilateral frameworks

The department supports international education through its international network of counsellors, international agreements and multilateral frameworks.

National Strategy for International Education 2025

Council for International Education