About the Department

The Department of Education creates opportunities and drives better outcomes through access to quality education and learning.  

Our strategic purpose includes

  • Quality early learning and child care that supports and prepares children for school.
  • For parents and carers, providing access to subsidised child care that supports them to work, study or volunteer.
  • Access to quality schooling to provide the knowledge, skills and values for every child to achieve their potential.
  • Skills, training and higher education that can maximise employment opportunities and participation in the workforce, community and society.
  • Ensuring people have the opportunity to upskill or reskill to find or advance their career.
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Our Ministers and Executive


Ministers for the Department of Education.

Secretary and deputy secretaries

The Secretary and executive for the Department of Education are responsible for the delivery of the department’s services. 


Corporate reporting and plans


The Department's Portfolio Budget information for each financial year.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The department is committed to developing an equitable society that recognises the unique strengths of Australia’s First Nations people and empowering them to contribute to quality education and learning outcomes that reflect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ priorities, values and strengths.  Reconciliation Action Plan 

Corporate Reporting

The department's formal reporting content including the Information Publication Scheme, Annual Reports, Budget, Freedom of Information and Data Strategy.

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Work with us

The Department of Education works to ensure Australians can experience the well being and economic benefits that quality education.

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