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The Department of Education creates opportunities and drives better outcomes through access to quality education and learning.  

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By supporting a strong early childhood education system, we help children build social and behavioural skills to help them prepare for school.

For parents and carers, we provide access to affordable child care to help them participate in the workforce or pursue other opportunities.

Through education and learning, we change lives – opening a world of possibilities for children and young people to gain the skills and knowledge to fulfil their dreams from school through to higher education.

Through our priority work, we contribute to Australia’s economic success and social wellbeing.

Strategic priorities include:

  • Improved early learning, schooling, student educational outcomes and transitions to and from school through access to quality child care, support, parent engagement, quality teaching and learning environments.
  • Promoting growth in economic productivity and social wellbeing through access to quality higher education, international education, and international quality research.

The department’s terms and conditions of employment are drawn from the:

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