2024–25 Budget

The Budget 2024-25 invests in all areas of education and prioritises equity and opportunity as the Government continues to build a better and fairer education system for all Australians. 

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Higher Education

As part of the 2024–25 Budget, the Government is delivering on reforms recommended by the Australian Universities Accord. 

This includes reforms to ease cost-of-living pressure on students, improve equity, and increase access to tertiary education opportunities for more Australians, particularly in outer suburban and regional areas. 

Structural reforms will also be progressed to create a better and fairer tertiary education system that will help secure a Future Made in Australia.


The Australian Government is committed to working with state and territory governments to get all public schools on a path to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard. It has signed Statements of Intent worth an estimated $785.4 million for Western Australia to fully fund all public schools in the state by 2026, and an estimated $736.7 million for the Northern Territory to fully fund all public schools in the territory by 2029. 

The Budget 2024-25 includes an estimated $126.4 billion over 2024–25 to 2027–28 in recurrent school funding. In 2024, the Government is providing $29.2 billion in recurrent funding for all schooling sectors.

Early Childhood Education and Care

The Government’s Cheaper Child Care efforts has provided more affordable care and benefitted more than a million families. 

The Budget continues to build on these initiatives by investing:

2024-25 Education Portfolio Budget Statements


The 2024-25 Department of Education Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) provide information on the proposed allocation of funds to achieve government outcomes. They include budget statements for the department as well as entities working under the portfolio. 

The statements provide information to assist parliament to understand the purpose of each outcome. The Education Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) were tabled on 14 May 2024.