Reconciliation Action Plan

The department’s overarching purpose is maximising opportunity and prosperity through national leadership on education.

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The Department of Education contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity and social wellbeing by creating a better future for all Australians through education.

We can only achieve this for all Australians through fully committing to reconciliation and by creating opportunities for our First Nations peoples in all our work, particularly in those priority reform areas that help us to close the gap.

We have a strong commitment to reconciliation through our celebration of First Nations cultures, engagement with First Nations cultures, and engage with First Nations communities, our commitment to recruiting First Nations staff, and in our development of the cultural competency of all our staff.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan commits us to implementing genuine actions that advance reconciliation and create meaningful opportunities for the First Nations peoples, both within the department and broader communities.

Further information about Reconciliation Action Plans can be found on the Reconciliation Australia website.

Department of Education Reconciliation Action Plan


The Reconciliation Action Plan August 2023-25 promotes the department’s vision for a reconciled Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and heritages are valued and accepted as a foundation for unity, equality, and enduring positive change.

We will implement our Innovate RAP over the next two years to deliver on our commitments. Education will play a key role as we establish a shared understanding and commitment to implementing the plan.

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