During your studies in Australia

If you are a current international student studying with an Australian education provider, find out about how to get the most out of your experience and the measures in place to protect you while you study.

On this page:

Legislation to protect international students

Including work integrated learning in your studies

What to do if your education provider closes or you cannot complete your course

The rights of international students at work

Welfare arrangements for international students under 18 years

Information on scams targeting Chinese students

Information on financial scams targeting international students 

There has been an increase in criminals targeting students (online and in person) and offering them payment to receive money into their bank account and transfer it to another account or cryptocurrency exchange. This is called money muling. Money mules are recruited, sometimes unknowingly, by criminals to transfer stolen money on behalf of others. The Australian Federal Police have developed money muling resources for international students and education providers to help educate and protect international students.

The following resources can be printed and shared to help spread awareness.