Background checks

Watch this video to learn what background checks you and your relevant staff need.

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Providers must undertake certain background checks for the following people:

  • each person who has management or control of the provider
  • each person who has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the service, and
  • Family Day Care and In Home Care educators.

These people will need a police check that is less than 6 months old when they start work. However, new checks are not required every six months.

If they work with children, they’ll need a current Working with Children Check (or equivalent). Working with children checks (where required) must always be kept current. Expired checks are not acceptable.

Other checks exist that your staff might need.

Providers must:

  • make sure all checks are carried out
  • keep track of expiry dates, and
  • tell us if the status of a person’s check changes.

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