Suspension of approvals

Your National Law or Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approvals can be suspended. Approval may be suspended if you don’t comply with your obligations or following a voluntary request.

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What happens if National Law approval is suspended?

If your National Law approval is suspended:

  • you cannot provide care to children for the duration of the suspension
  • we’ll automatically suspend CCS approval – this is because a condition of CCS approval is that you are approved under the National Law.

Contact your state or territory regulatory authority for more information about National Law approval.

What happens if CCS approval is suspended?

If your CCS approval is suspended:

  • you will not get CCS for the duration of the suspension
  • you may still provide care if your National Law approval has not been suspended.

Non-compliance suspensions

Approved providers must comply with the rules under Family Assistance Law.

We may take compliance action if you fail to meet your obligations. Compliance action could include:

  • putting conditions on your CCS approval  
  • issuing an infringement
  • suspending or cancelling your CCS approval.  

We have information and resources about your responsibilities to help you do the right thing and avoid compliance action.

Voluntary suspensions

You may occasionally need to voluntarily suspend your CCS approval.

You may need to do this if you will not meet your minimum operating requirements due to a temporary closure.

In the above scenario, you only need to request a voluntary suspension of your CCS approval if:

  • you are not also suspending your National Law approval, or
  • your service is out of scope of the National Law.

This is because we’ll automatically suspend your CCS approval if your National Law approval is suspended.

Request a voluntary suspension of CCS approval.