Productivity Commission inquiry into early childhood education and care: draft report published

Early this year, the Australian Government tasked the Productivity Commission with conducting an inquiry into Australia’s early childhood education and care (ECEC) system.

The Productivity Commission has now published its draft report.

The inquiry is considering options that improve or support:

  • affordable and quality ECEC services 
  • developmental and educational outcomes for children
  • economic growth, including by enabling workforce participation
  • outcomes for children and families experiencing vulnerability and/or disadvantage, First Nations children and families, and children and families experiencing disability
  • efficient and effective government investment in ECEC. 

The inquiry commenced on 1 March 2023. Initial public consultation took place between 14 March and 19 May.

Further consultation on the draft report, including public forums, will occur in early 2024.

The final report will be published by 30 June 2024.

To read the draft report and submissions and for further information on the next round of consultations, visit the Productivity Commission website.