Families must pay the gap fee electronically

This content was published on Monday 3 July 2023. There may be more recent updates available.

Changes to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) gap fees came into effect on 1 July. Families using early childhood education and care must now pay the gap fee electronically.

The gap fee is the difference between a provider’s fee and a family’s CCS amount. Electronic funds transfer, or EFT, is when a customer pays a bill using electronic means.

Families that need help using EFT to pay the gap fee should speak to their child care provider.

Approved providers are responsible for ensuring they, their services and their educators comply with this new obligation.

The department will conduct regular audits to ensure providers are collecting gap fees electronically. We may take compliance action if a provider fails to comply.

We have detailed information for providers on our website, including:

  • typical EFT payment methods
  • what to do if a family needs help using EFT
  • exceptions available in limited circumstances
  • how we’ll check payments
  • how to ensure services and educators are complying.

Go to electronic payment of gap fees.