Changes for Inclusion Support Program applications

We’re making changes to the Inclusion Support Program (ISP).

The following changes will occur from 11 January 2024.

Additional educator

From 11 January 2024, new applications for an additional educator under the ISP Inclusion Development Fund will only be approved up to 30 June 2024. You’ll need to reapply if you require an additional educator beyond 30 June 2024.

Existing approved arrangements will be unaffected.

We will provide you with further information on applying for the next financial year.

Collaborative and Strategic Projects and Innovative Solutions support

Also from 11 January, funding for projects under the Collaborative and Strategic Projects and Innovative Solutions support will be limited to under $10,000 (GST exclusive) but for exceptional circumstances. These projects must be completed by 30 June 2024.

Existing approved projects will be unaffected. If your application is yet to be approved and is above $10,000, you will be asked to resubmit.

Why are these changes occurring?

The demand on the program has grown since eligibility was expanded in 2020. The changes aim to ensure the program:

  • remains fiscally sustainable
  • provides equity of access for those families requiring support the most in a time of high demand.

There are currently several important reviews examining the ECEC sector. These will inform the future of ISP and ECEC services more broadly.

The government is also considering the report from the 2023 review of the program.

The department is working with the sector to implement these changes and explore longer term solutions.

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