2025 trial of a new nation-wide teaching tool for preschool teachers and educators

The Australian Government and states and territories today jointly announced a national approach to supporting the development needs of preschool children.

A new Preschool Outcomes Measure will be developed and trialled nationally in 2025. It will help educators better understand children’s early learning and development in:

  • oral language and literacy
  • executive function.

The Preschool Outcomes Measure will support and streamline teachers’ and educators’ existing teaching practices. It will align with existing frameworks including:

The Preschool Outcomes Measure will provide a nationally consistent framework for teachers and educators to:

  • understand a child’s strengths and capabilities
  • plan the next steps in a child’s learning and development
  • meet National Law requirements for assessing and documenting children’s learning
  • minimise workload through streamlined processes.

The tool will be developed throughout 2024 in consultation with teachers, educators and education experts. A national trial will take place in selected services in 2025.

The Preschool Outcomes Measure is a key reform under the Preschool Reform Agreement. It's a joint initiative of the Australian and state and territory governments.

To find out more about the tool, consultation process and trial visit our Preschool Outcomes Measure webpage.