In Home Care Support Agencies

In Home Care (IHC) is delivered by IHC Support Agencies in each state and territory. IHC Support Agencies assess eligibility for the program and connect eligible families with high quality services.

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The role of IHC Support Agencies

IHC Support Agencies oversee the delivery of IHC in each state and territory.

IHC Support Agencies work with families to:

  • assess initial and ongoing eligibility for IHC
  • assess if education and care needs are in scope for IHC
  • connect them with suitable IHC services
  • help children transition to mainstream care
  • develop a Family Management Plan
  • access other government-funded or community support services.

They also work with services to:

  • allocate and reduce places
  • monitor adherence to the In Home Care National Guidelines
  • establish a community of practice among educators
  • support a high quality and nationally consistent approach to IHC.

Find detailed information about these roles in the In Home Care Handbook.

Contact details

Contact details for each IHC Support Agency are outlined below.



Email address

Phone number

Australian Capital Territory

1800 940 906

New South Wales

1800 IHCARE (1800 442 273)

South Australia

1800 IHCARE (1800 442 273)


1800 993 737


1800 993 737

Western Australia

1300 164 202

Northern Territory

1300 164 202


1300 052 057