Inclusion Development Fund

The Inclusion Development Fund provides funding to help services address barriers to inclusion that cannot be resolved by support from an Inclusion Agency or the Specialist Equipment Library.

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About the fund

The Inclusion Development Fund is part of the Inclusion Support Program (ISP). It provides funding to eligible services when barriers to inclusion cannot be addressed by the Inclusion Agency or the Specialist Equipment Library.

The national Inclusion Development Fund Manager oversees funding. Services must be endorsed by their local Inclusion Agency to apply for funding.

Categories of funding

There are 4 categories of funding.

Innovative solutions

This funding is for flexible and tailored inclusion support. It funds support that goes beyond what can be provided by Inclusion Agencies.

Immediate or time-limited support

This subsidy:

  • is available when there is an immediate barrier to a child participating in early childhood education and care
  • enables Centre Based Day Care services to quickly engage an additional educator
  • is for a limited period until suitable alternatives can be established.

Additional educator

This subsidy supports the employment of an additional educator. The aim is to increase the educator-to-child ratio. This helps support the inclusion of children with additional and ongoing high-support needs next to their typically developing peers.

Family Day Care

The Family Day Care (FDC) Top Up supports approved FDC services to include a child with additional and ongoing high support needs next to their typically developing peers.

How to apply

The ISP guidelines has information about how to apply to the Inclusion Development Fund.

Read the Inclusion Support Program guidelines

Contact details

IDF ManagerContact details
KU Children’s Services



Phone: 1800 824 955 (toll free)

More information

Read the Inclusion Support Program guidelines.

Visit the Inclusion Development Fund website.