How to acquit professional development and paid practicum subsidies

Providers must acquit funding received under the professional development and paid practicum subsidies.

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How do I acquit funding?

Who can complete the acquittal form?

A person with management or control (PMC) must complete this form.

Can I acquit multiple services on one form?

No, you must complete a separate acquittal form for each of your services that received funding.

What is the difference between a partial and final acquittal?

When you do a partial acquittal:

  • you still have money to spend
  • you are reporting on fund spent to-date.

When you do a final acquittal:

  • you are acquitting for all funds that were paid to the service  
  • no funding remains to be spent.

If you need to submit several partial acquittals, you will need to include details of amount previously acquitted.

For example, if you submit partial acquittal forms for $3,600 and $2,500, separately, you will need to indicate the $3,600 partial acquittal on your second form. If you then submit a third final acquittal form for $2,700, you will need to indicate that $6,100 was previously acquitted.

You do not need to resubmit all previous acquittal forms each time. However, we will match the figures on the new forms with what was provided earlier.

How do I determine the total amount of funding?

If you received funds during more than 1 payment period, you will need to acquit for all funds.

The total amount of money you acquit should equal to the amount in your original grant agreement(s) and/or any top-up payment.

You would have received a top-up payment only if you received the paid practicum subsidy in quarter 1 (paid in September 2023). The top up payment was made to rectify a known underpayment issue.

If you are unsure of the total funding received by a service, please have a PMC for your approved provider contact the ECEC workforce grants team at with your Provider CRN. We cannot provide specific details on grant applications or funding to non-PMCs.

When is the deadline?

Professional development subsidy

You can use and acquit funding received under the professional development subsidy throughout the period specified in the guidelines.

Professional development funding received in 2023–24 can be acquitted throughout 2023–24 and 2024–25. Funding must be acquitted within 14 days from being fully spent as per your grant agreement.

Paid practicum subsidy

You must acquit funding received under the paid practicum subsidy for a financial year within 6 months after the financial year ends.  

For paid practicum funding received in 2023–24, acquittals are due by 30 December 2024.

What do I do if a service closes, is transferred to a new provider or is cancelled?

If a service ceases operations, is transferred to a new provider or has its CCS approval cancelled, you must complete a final acquittal. Any unutilised funds will be returned to the department. 

How do I submit?

Please send the completed form to

I have submitted final acquittal but there is remaining funding. What happens to it?

We will seek reimbursement of any unacquitted funds after a final acquittal is submitted. A tax invoice will be sent to the provider email address requesting repayment.

What if funding cannot be utilised for the purposes outlined in the guidelines?

Please contact the ECEC workforce grants team at Please note that any identified unutilised funds will be recoverable by the department.

Do I have to attach evidence?

No, signing the statutory declaration on the acquittal form is sufficient. However, we undertake audit compliance checks from time-to-time.

As per your grant agreement, you must keep records of evidence for a period of 24 months after the activity is completed. Evidence must be provided if requested.

What types of evidence should I keep on hand?

Appropriate evidence must be kept demonstrating correct use of funding in line with the guidelines.

For the professional development subsidy, this could include:

  • paid invoice or certificate of completion for named staff who attended training/course
  • other documentation like confirmation email with date(s) of the professional development
  • payroll records indicating the named staff or staff member backfilling them was paid on the day(s) of professional development.

For the paid practicum subsidy, this could include:

  • documentation confirming date(s) of practicum placement for named staff at another service
  • payroll records indicating the named staff was paid for the week(s) practicum placement was undertaken.