Early childhood workforce

The Australian Government has a range of initiatives to support the early childhood education and care workforce. The initiatives aim to attract, develop and retain high-quality early childhood teachers and educators.

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Professional development

There are new measures to support the early childhood education and care workforce.

The professional development subsidy, paid practicum subsidy and practicum exchange are designed to strengthen skills and professional experience, improve staff retention and supply, and increase capacity.

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National Workforce Strategy

A 10-year National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy aims to foster a sustainable and high-quality workforce of early childhood teachers and educators.

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National Workforce Census

The National Workforce Census provides quality information for developing and measuring policies and programs for the sector. The census collects data about:

  • service use
  • children with extra needs
  • access to preschool programs
  • staffing.

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Child care discount for early childhood workforce

Providers can choose to offer a discounted fee to educators or cooks they employ whose children are enrolled at one of their services. The discount will not affect the employee’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS) entitlement. This measure will support providers to attract and retain their early childhood workforce.

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Support for providers

Find initiatives aimed at providers, including:

  • help identifying and preparing job seekers
  • help filling entry-level roles
  • opportunities to exhibit at a jobs fair
  • wage support for apprentices and trainees.

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Support for educators and teachers

Find initiatives aimed at early childhood educators and teachers, including:

  • financial help for very remote teachers
  • relocation assistance
  • mental health resources.

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Case studies

Our case studies showcase successful early childhood education and care programs, including workforce initiatives.

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