Session reports for previous financial years

Providers must apply to submit, update or withdraw session reports from a previous financial year.

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Applying to access session reports

After a financial year ends, the Child Care Subsidy System will close for that year.

You must apply to submit, update or withdraw a session report from a previous financial year. You must provide a separate application per family.

If you are applying to amend data for multiple children or weeks, you may provide information in a spreadsheet. This will only be accepted if the relevant information is provided in full.

Download an example spreadsheet.

When we’ll approve access

We only permit changes in limited circumstances. When assessing your application, we’ll consider:

  • if you’re correcting an inaccurate enrolment notice, attendance record or fee error
  • whether the change will impact on an individual’s CCS entitlement
  • whether there is an acceptable reason for the change being requested in a subsequent financial year
  • whether the application and proposed change contain accurate and complete information
  • whether you have provided relevant evidence to support the change.

Types of evidence

Evidence to support an application may include:

  • attendance records
  • statements of entitlement
  • enrolments or Complying Written Arrangements
  • evidence of casual bookings
  • proof of actual attendance
  • receipts of gap fee payments.


The below scenarios will help you determine whether an application is appropriate. Please read them before applying.

The parent or carer claiming CCS changes

You must ensure your enrolments and session reports correctly identify the individual who is claiming CCS for each child.

Families should let you know if their personal circumstances change, including if the individual claiming CCS changes. You must then update their enrolment details once notified of the change.

If a family does not inform of a change in circumstances, it is their responsibility to resolve any issues regarding CCS payments and fee reductions with Services Australia.

You should not update or withdraw session reports from a previous financial year based on a request from a family.

A family’s CCS entitlement changes

You should not update or withdraw session reports from a previous financial year if a family informs you that their entitlement to CCS has changed.

Services Australia will adjust a family’s CCS entitlement for a previous financial year as part of the CCS balancing process.

You submit session reports in bulk

It is common practice to submit session reports for multiple children in bulk or batches.

If you discover you’ve made an error on an individual child’s session report, you do not need to apply to update or withdraw the entire batch.

You should only request to update or withdraw the session reports for the individual child where the error was made.

More information

If you need more information about session reports, please contact the CCS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276 or email