CCCF restricted grant

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) restricted grant supports identified services in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. 

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About the grant

The restricted grant supports identified services in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Funding supplements the fee income services receive from families, Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Services that have a restricted grant agreement will typically be one of the following:

  • former Budget Based Funded service
  • former Non-formula Funded Occasional Child Care service
  • former Indigenous Advancement Strategy funded service
  • new service receiving a CCCF restricted expansion grant.

The grant is part of the Community Child Care Fund which helps services address barriers to child care participation.

Information for services under existing grant

The CCCF Restricted Grants – Guide for Grant Recipients has information to help services under the existing grant to meet their obligations. This grant is closed to new applicants.

This guide provides information about:

  • services’ obligations and responsibilities
  • relevant laws and conditions
  • where to go for further assistance.

Learn more about reporting serious incidents on the notification of serious incidents page.

Learn more about reporting Work Health and Safety notifiable incidents

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Restricted grant: Closing the Gap

In August 2021, the Australian Government announced an additional $29.9 million over four years to establish up to 20 new CCCF restricted services in mainly remote locations. The funding is part of the government’s commitment to achieving Closing the Gap targets.

We are working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies, communities and organisations to establish these new services.

The aim is to increase participation rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in early childhood education and care settings.

The new services will be delivered, where possible, by Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, in line with the Closing the Gap National Agreement.

The expansion of the restricted grant is currently open to invited applicants only.

The guidelines outlining eligibility and assessment criteria for this expansion are available on GrantConnect.

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