Community Child Care Fund

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) provides a range of grants for child care services. In most cases, services need to meet eligibility criteria and apply.

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CCCF grants help services address barriers to child care participation. They're particularly for disadvantaged, regional and remote communities, and Indigenous communities.

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Special circumstances grant

The special circumstances grant helps services stay open when something unexpected happens. Services can apply when a local emergency or natural disaster threatens their ability to stay open.

Disadvantaged and vulnerable communities grant

The disadvantaged and vulnerable communities grant provides funding to services in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities to:

  • stay open
  • increase the number of children in care.

Services in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities can apply when grant rounds are open.

Restricted grant

The restricted grant supports identified services in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. 

Restricted grant: Closing the Gap

This is a Closing the Gap measure. The grant is for 20 new services in mainly remote locations. The focus is to increase participation rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in early childhood education and care.

Connected Beginnings

Connected Beginnings is for children in identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It helps them prepare for school by integrating a range of services with schools, including:

  • early childhood
  • maternal
  • child health
  • family support.