Inclusion Support Portal

The Inclusion Support Portal (IS Portal) is the online platform where early childhood education and care services interact with the Inclusion Support Program. In the portal, you can develop a Strategic Inclusion Plan, access support from the Inclusion Development Fund and more.

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Accessing the IS Portal

ECEC representatives must have a PRODA (Provider Digital Access) account to access the IS Portal.

If you don’t have a PRODA account, you can register for one at Services Australia.

Once you have a PRODA account, you can lodge an IS Portal user access request.

Your service’s authorised access delegate manages the approval of IS Portal access requests for the service provider. 

Once approved, you can login to the IS Portal.


The following resources can help you in accessing the IS Portal.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the IS Portal and PRODA:

Flow charts

These flow charts will help you understand how to access and use the IS Portal:

Task cards

These task cards provide step-by-step guidance for services and Inclusion Agencies to access the IS Portal.

Fact sheet

Paper-based form

The Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM) has a paper-based Strategic Inclusion Plan form for services that require one.

Get help

 Use the Inclusion Support contact form for help with:

  • CCMS credentials – user name and password request
  • rejected claims for payment
  • issues with CCMS user name and/or password
  • remittance advice
  • changing payee financial email addresses
  • requesting approval for IS Portal access (Delegate only).

For IS Portal-related issues, contact the Inclusion Development Fund Manager or your local Inclusion Agency.

Inclusion Support contact form