Practicum exchange network

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) educators in training and services can register to join a practicum exchange network. Later in 2024, candidates will be able to search for and arrange exchange opportunities on a dedicated website.

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Practicums help ECEC educators in training gain practical, work-place experience in an early childhood educational setting.


  • are mandatory to become a qualified ECEC educator
  • must be partly completed outside of an educator’s primary ECEC service.

Practicum exchanges can foster:

  • diverse experience and knowledge
  • networking and support opportunities
  • skill and knowledge transfer.

Practicum exchanges can be challenging for some, particularly students in rural and remote areas with few or no other services nearby.

How it works

Later this year a dedicated website will:

  • allow ECEC educators in training and services to submit expressions of interest
  • allow ECEC educators in training and services to connect with each other
  • provide information and case studies detailing how exchanges could work.

The department will engage with universities to build support for this program.

From 2024–25 to 2026–27, participants undertaking an exchange in a rural or remote area can apply for a living and travel allowance of up to $1500.

Express your interest

ECEC educators in training and services can express their interest in joining the practicum exchange network now.

Express your interest now


Practicum exchanges will be open to ECEC educators in training who are studying:

  • certificate III
  • diploma
  • initial teacher education (ITE) course.

Postgraduate courses are not eligible.

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