Child Care Subsidy rates will increase from 11 July

This content was published on Wednesday 29 June 2022. There may be more recent updates available.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates are adjusted each July based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous December.

The following rates will take effect the first day of the CCS fortnight, which is 11 July 2022: 

Combined annual income

The amount of CCS a family can get depends on their combined annual income. 

New CCS family income thresholds 

Subsidy % 

Up to $72,466 


More than $72,466 to below $177,466 

Decreasing to 50%

Subsidy gradually decreases by 1% for each $3000 of family income. 

$177,466 to below $256,756 


$256,756 to below $346,756 

Decreasing to 20% 

Subsidy gradually decreases by 1% for each $3000 of family income.

$346,756 to below $356,756 


$356,756 or more 


Hourly rate cap

The maximum hourly rate we subsidise is based on the type of service.

Service type 

New hourly rate cap
(children below school age) 

New hourly rate cap
(school-aged children) 

Centre Based Day Care 



Outside School Hours Care 



Family Day Care 



In Home Care (per family) 



Annual cap

We removed the annual cap for all families who receive CCS.