In Home Care change of circumstances

Families that use In Home Care (IHC) must notify their IHC Support Agency if their circumstances change.

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What to notify

Families that use IHC must report any changes that may affect their eligibility for:

  • IHC
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

This includes:

  • changes to you or your partners details, such as:
    • relationship status
    • address
    • contact details
    • employment status
    • increase/decrease in employment hours or days
    • place of employment
  • changes to your child’s details, such as:
    • your child is no longer 13 years or under
    • your child now attends secondary school
    • your child is no longer in your care
    • you have additional children in care
  • changes to your IHC arrangements, such as:
    • days or hours have increased or decreased
    • you no longer use IHC
  • you are no longer eligible for CCS
  • other approved child care is now available or suitable
  • your family’s challenging or complex needs have changed.

Who to notify

You must report changes to:

  • your IHC Support Agency, and
  • Services Australia.

When to notify

You must report a change in circumstance within 14 days of the change.

How to notify

Complete the In Home Care change in circumstance form and submit it to the IHC Support Agency in your state or territory.

You must also notify Services Australia of any changes that effect your CCS eligibility or entitlement. Do this through Centrelink online account.

Review of arrangements

Once submitted, your IHC Support Agency will review the change and determine the effect on your IHC arrangements.

More information

For more information, contact the IHC Support Agency in your state or territory.