The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with Australian Curriculum.

Evaluation Framework


Here is an evaluation framework with common measures for STEM education initiatives is available to start you off. The following sections describe tips and tricks for choosing your measures under each evaluation framework category.

Template: Build your own evaluation framework


Here is a Template: Build your own evaluation framework which you can use and populate. The template also has a list of different measures that you might want to use.

Template: Evaluation Report


Here is a Template: Evaluation Report that helps you summarise what you've learned from the initiative and evaluation.

DLSG Grant Guidelines


These Grant Guidelines provide an overview of the operation of the Digital Literacy School Grants - enhancing digital literacy through a whole of school approach Program (‘the Program’). These Grant Guidelines may be updated during the course of the Program to reflect the further details of the Program as it evolves.

Australian Student Prize Winners 2004-2014


The year, name, State or Territory and School of Student Prize Winners 2004-2014