What is this Toolkit for?

On this page:

There is a lot of talk about STEM education in the media, schools and government. Everyone agrees it’s important — but it’s hard to know what works and where to start.

This Toolkit is home to reliable STEM education resources that can be used by schools, businesses, not-for-profits and community organisations. The resources aim to improve STEM education outcomes for students in Australian schools.

You will find this Toolkit useful if:

  • You want to understand about STEM education or deepen your knowledge about what works well in STEM education.
  • You want to take action about STEM education and run a STEM education initiative. This could be joining an existing initiative, or building something new through your school or organisation.
  • You already contribute to a STEM education initiative, want to see whether it’s having an impact and evaluate the initiative as well as how it could be improved.

This Toolkit also features a focus on partnerships between schools and industry. These can contribute positively to STEM education, and there’s a lot of goodwill from schools and businesses to work together — but the process is not always easy. The Toolkit provides guidance about how to make them work well.