I want to run a STEM education initiative

On this page:

  • It’s great that you want to get involved in STEM education. STEM is important to Australia’s future.
  • This section of the Toolkit helps you take action in STEM education.

Any school or organisation can get involved in STEM education initiatives

Whether you are in a school, business or other organisation, there is a way to get involved with STEM education to suit your aims (as well as your budget).

Initiatives do not have to be large or expensive to be worthwhile. There are many existing initiatives you can join and build on, and many opportunities for partnerships, especially between businesses and schools. You could also start something new.

Use this guide to identify and develop an initiative for your school or organisation

This section of the Toolkit is designed for schools, businesses and others that would like to get involved in STEM education initiatives, but don’t know exactly how to.

The Toolkit takes you through the key questions to identify how best to get involved for what you want to achieve. These are:

You can keep track of your progress with the checklist to run an initiative.