Equip and empower teachers

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What is it?

Equipping and empowering teachers means providing them with the right resources (e.g. high-quality professional learning opportunities, up-to-date technology) and skills to teach best practice STEM education. It also means supporting a culture of collaboration, sharing and feedback to encourage teachers.

How does it help?

A dynamic and highly-trained STEM teaching workforce is necessary for improving STEM education for students.

High-quality professional learning in STEM is essential because:

  • Teachers have the greatest in-school influence on student achievement and engagement in STEM.
  • The requirements of STEM teaching are rapidly changing. It is essential that teachers are equipped to deliver up-to-date content using best practice STEM approaches. 

A culture of teacher collaboration is important because:

  • It enables teachers to learn from each other’s experiences and successes.
  • It enables sharing of STEM approaches and professional learning strategies.

Efforts to improve STEM outcomes and engagement often require multi-disciplinary planning and teaching.

How do you do it?

High-quality professional learning opportunities e.g. workshops / seminars / courses.

  • Ensure teachers are equipped with necessary resources (for instance, up-to-date curriculum content, facilities and technology).
  • Professional learning teams / communities of practice.
  • Expert mentoring / team mentoring.
  • Classroom observations / feedback.
  • Mentoring relationships.
  • Partnerships with businesses / STEM professionals.