National Teacher Workforce Action Plan Publication

The National Teacher Workforce Action Plan was developed to address the national issue of teacher workforce shortages.

It is designed to increase the number of people choosing to become teachers and ensure that existing teachers remain in the profession. It includes actions across five priority areas. These priority areas address primary drivers of teacher shortages and include:

  1. Improving teacher supply – To increase the number of people choosing teaching as a career.
  2. Strengthening initial teacher education – To ensure initial teacher education supports teacher supply and delivers classroom ready graduates.
  3. Keeping the teachers we have – To improve retention by increasing support for teachers, enhancing career pathways, reducing unnecessary workload and freeing up teachers to focus on core teaching tasks and collaboration.
  4. Elevating the profession – To recognise the value teachers bring to students, communities and the economy.
  5. Better understanding future teacher workforce needs – To improve the information available for teacher workforce planning

Work to implement the plan has already commenced. Education Ministers will regularly monitor implementation of the Action Plan.

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