School teacher workforce data reports

This page provides access to national reports on school teacher workforce data and analysis, wholly or partly funded by the Australian Government, which aim to inform teacher workforce issues and planning.

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The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) focuses on the learning environment and working conditions of teachers in schools. It aims to fill information gaps in the international comparisons of education systems.

The most recent survey in 2018 involved lower secondary teachers (Years 7–10) and principals from 48 participating countries and included around 3500 teachers in 230 schools across Australia.

The next cycle of TALIS will be run in 2024.

The TALIS international reports are available at:

The TALIS Australian reports are available at:

Staff in Australia's Schools

The Australian Council for Educational Research conducted the Staff in Australia's Schools (SiAS) survey of teachers and school leaders in 2013. Data was collected on various topics, including initial teacher education, employment status, job satisfaction, career paths and intentions, principal authority and teacher appraisal.

There are two reports on the SiAS:

  • a main report that breaks down findings by primary and secondary teachers and leaders across all of the areas of the survey; and
  • a supplementary report that analyses the results for selected primary and secondary curriculum areas.
  • The 2013 survey also provides comparative and updated data following surveys done in
    2006-07 and 2010.

The SiAS reports are available at:

Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) collection

The Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group report, Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers, recommended better teacher workforce data collection and sharing at the national level.

With the support of all Australian governments, the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) collection provides the first ever national, whole-of-life picture of the teacher workforce, from those entering initial teacher education, to experienced teachers, through to retirement.