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Collection of 2023 research income data

The collection round for 2023 research and experimental development (R&D) income data is now open and can be submitted  via the System to Evaluate the Excellence of Research (SEER). All higher education providers (HEPs) must report 2023 R&D income data through SEER by 30 June 2024, in accordance with the HERDC specifications for the collection of 2023 data.

About the Higher Education Research Data Collection

The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) specifications are used by HEPs to submit their annual R&D income data. They control the collection of data and ensure that Australian Government research block grants (RBGs) are allocated in a fair and transparent way.

HERDC data, along with higher degrees by research (HDR) student completions data, is used to determine annual RBG allocations to HEPs in accordance with the Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2017.

The Department of Education updates and releases new HERDC specifications each year in consultation with HEPs and other relevant stakeholders.

HEPs must submit their R&D  income data via the SEER. A spreadsheet version of the HERDC template is available to assist HEPs in the initial preparation of HERDC data.

HERDC specifications for the collection of 2023 data

The HERDC specifications for the collection of 2023 data are now available.

HERDC – Frequently asked questions

The HERDC – Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are designed to provide information to assist HEPs to complete their annual HERDC returns.

This page replaces the previous Self-assessed Category 1 income FAQs.

Historical HERDC information

Historical HERDC data is available in the research income time series.

Recent HERDC specifications are provided below.

Older HERDC specifications can be located by searching the RBG resources webpage.

Further enquiries

For more information, email RBGrants@education.gov.au.