Priority Area 3, Action 18: Free professional development courses from 2024

This content was published on Thursday 21 September 2023. There may be more recent updates available.

Free professional development for teachers and school leaders will be available from next year. The University of Adelaide will deliver three separate evidence-based microcredential courses in 2024 and 2025.

The Australian Government has awarded the University of Adelaide just over $3 million to design and deliver the three microcredential courses for teacher professional development.

The courses deliver on Action 18 in the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan which sets out a clear pathway for addressing the national issue of teacher workforce shortages.

The courses will complement the Government’s Microcredentials Pilot in Higher Education, which is providing $18.5 million to support the development and delivery of microcredentials.

About the courses

Microcredentials are small courses in a specific area of study, with a focus on upskilling and reskilling in short timeframes to meet the needs of employers and industry.

The courses will be informed by evidence-based practices and developed by experts with extensive classroom and academic experience.

The courses are:

  • classroom management
  • explicit teaching
  • phonics

More information

Read Minister Clare’s media release