2022 Section 8 Special courses

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Higher education special courses tables for the 2022 full year. Students undertaking special courses include courses that:

  • provide for initial registration as nurses;
  • provide for initial teacher training;
  • lead to provisional registration as a medical practitioner;
  • lead to provisional registration as a veterinary practitioner;
  • lead to provisional registration as a dental practitioner;
  • lead to provisional registration as a clinical psychologist practitioner; or
  • relate to a course of study in aviation as listed in the FEE-HELP Guidelines 2017.

Definition of the count of Special Course commencements and enrolments

Where a student undertakes more than one course within a given year, the course with the highest load is published in the Higher Education Statistics Collection. The commencement and enrolment data contained in this section therefore only include students where their special course has the highest load. Where a student undertook more than one course within a given year, and the special course did not have the highest load, that student has not been counted. In the case where a student was doing more than one special course, that student has been counted only once.

Due to a restructure of Bachelor of Education courses at Southern Cross University, many continuing ITE students have been counted as commencing students in the 2022 data. The numbers for commencing and continuing ITE students are therefore substantially over and under reported respectively in 2022. This impacts the SCU, NSW and National ITE data. No other time points are affected. Numbers should be used with caution in any time series comparisons.

If you require further information, a data request can be submitted to the Department. Please see the Data Requests, Data Protocols, Data Privacy and Visual Analytics Guide page.

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