Selected Higher Education Statistics – 2021 Student data

The Higher Education student data collection encompasses enrolments, equivalent full time student load (unit of study data) and completions, and is reported by all Higher Education Providers.

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Full Year Data (as at 30 October 2022)

Visual Analytics

Cohort analysis - completion rates (Sub-Bachelor, Bachelor and Postgraduate students)

Attrition, retention and success rates

Award course completions time series

Cohort analysis - completion rates of Higher Degree by Research students

Enrolments time series

Load time series

Equity performance data

Higher education trends - chart pack

Pivot Tables

Student Enrolments Pivot Table

Student Load Pivot Table

Award Course Completions Pivot Table

Information and Excel Tables

2021 Student summary tables

2021 Student summary time series

2021 Section 1 - Commencing students

2021 Section 2 - All students

2021 Section 3 - Commencing student load

2021 Section 4 - All student load

2021 Section 5 - Liability status categories

2021 Section 6 - Indigenous students

2021 Section 7 - Overseas students

2021 Section 8 - Special courses

2021 Section 9 - Ethnicity related data

2021 Section 10 - Open Universities Australia

2021 Section 11 - Equity groups

2021 Section 12 - Academic organisational units

2021 Section 13 - Private Universities (Table C) and Non-University Higher Education Institutions

2021 Section 14 - Award course completions

2021 Section 15 - Attrition, retention and success

2021 Section 16 – Equity performance data

A note about 2020 Higher Education Equity and Equity Performance Data

During the transition to the Tertiary Collection of Student Information (TCSI) System, enrolment numbers for students with disability were substantially under-reported in the case of several universities. This issue affects data in Section 11, Section 16 and some Visual Analytics products. Caution should be taken when using the 2020 enrolment data points for students with disability. All other time points are unaffected.