Startup Year Consultations

The Australian Government commenced the Startup Year consultation process - calling on higher education providers, industry, entrepreneurs, investors and students to share their views and advice on how this program should work.

Date opened
Date closed

The Department of Education sought views on the development of the Startup Year program.

Interested parties were invited to contribute their perspectives on the development of the program, including program eligibility and design. The issues, rationale, and proposed design elements of the program were set out in the consultation paper and included questions to guide submissions.

Startup Year Consultation Paper

Startup Year Consultation Response Document

Student Survey released for submission

Views were sought from current students and recent graduates, as potential Startup Year program participants. This was to better understand how this program should be designed to best meet the needs of students with an idea they want to explore.

The Student Survey closed on Tuesday 15 November 2022.

Submission list