Approved HELP information

This page details where Higher Education providers can find more information on requirements and login to the HELP IT system, the eSAM System, and the Government eCAF system.

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Government eCAF system

The Government eCAF system allows approved providers to provide enrolment information to the Department of Education and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations for students who have expressed an interest in accessing a Commonwealth supported place (CSP), Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loans, or VET Student Loan (VETSL). The eCAF system facilitates access to CSPs, HELP loans and VETSL, removing the requirement for paper CAFs or maintenance of in-house eCAFs by providers.

The Government eCAF system does not provide verification of eligibility. Confirming a student's eligibility remains the responsibility of the provider.

All provider eCAF users are required to have individual access credentials. If you have not been granted access to the eCAF system, please contact the department at (Higher Education providers) or (VET Student Loans providers).

Providers must be aware of the requirements and their obligations when using the Government eCAF system.

The eCAF Factsheet includes important information for providers.

HELP IT System (HITS) Login

The department has developed an integrated IT system for the higher education and VET sectors. HITS caters for HELP provider applications from higher education providers and on-going compliance requirements for those providers approved to offer HELP under the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

Access to eSAM System

The eSAM System is the overarching system which allows organisations to manage and create users in HITS:


For all higher education provider HITS and eSAM System related enquiries please email

Financial reporting requirements

Meet the ongoing financial viability requirements as an approved provider offering FEE-HELP.

Funding Clusters and Indexed Rates

A record of all units of study according to funding clusters and the indexed rates associated with the HELP scheme (student contribution amounts, HELP loan limit, OS-HELP loan amount).