Parent Engagement in Learning

Parent engagement in learning is known to lead to improved outcomes for students of all ages. Schools and teachers can support parent engagement by building partnerships to connect learning at home and school.

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Parent engagement and involvement

The terms parent engagement and parent involvement describe how parents and families support their children's academic achievement and wellbeing. Parent involvement usually focuses on school-based activities such as attending events or volunteering in class.

Parent engagement encompasses children's learning at home, at school and in the community, recognising the cultural and social diversity of families and communities. There is strong evidence linking parent engagement with improvements in academic achievement for children of all ages.

Factsheet - Parent engagement

Learning at home

Learning at home is important in building children's confidence, motivation, capability and competence as learners. Schools and teachers with a partnership mindset can value and support learning at home by communicating effectively, building trust, and sharing information and resources with families.

Factsheet: Learning at home 


Family-school and community partnerships support positive parent engagement and bring together family and community resources to enrich student learning and wellbeing.

Effective partnerships focus on student needs and are motivated by a common and often shared purpose. They recognise that partners offer different knowledge, expertise and resources to support children's education.

Factsheet: Partnerships

Policy context

Australian governments recognise the central role of parents and families in supporting children's learning, development and wellbeing.

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, signed by all Australian Ministers for Education in 2008, recognises the importance of family, school and community partnerships.

Parent engagement in learning has been a key focus area in the Australian Government's schooling policy reforms to improve outcomes for all Australian students.

Family-school and community engagement and partnership is incorporated into the: