27. Tertiary Access Payment (TAP)

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27.1 Application Process

Students relocating to study at a university, vocational education and training or non-university higher education provider must apply for the TAP through Services Australia.

Applications for 2022 open on 1 January and will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

27.2 Eligibility Criteria

The TAP will be available for students who:

  • are from an inner regional, outer-regional, remote or very remote area (defined using the Australian Statistical Geography Standard - Remoteness Area classification)
  • are enrolled in a Certificate IV or above qualification, with duration of at least one year
  • are relocating to study at an education provider or Regional University Centre at least 90 minutes by public transport from their home (either in another regional location or a metropolitan location)
  • are enrolled in at least 75 per cent of a fulltime study load over a 12-month period
  • are accessing tertiary study in the year immediately following their completion of Year 12 or equivalent (or the first available semester of their chosen course if the course has a mid-‑year start)
  • have a combined parental income below $250,000

27.3 Receiving the payment

The TAP is a payment made in a student’s first year of eligible study. Students will only be eligible for the TAP once.

Successful applicants from outer regional and remote areas will be paid up to $5,000 in their first year of study, with two payments, $3,000 after confirmation of enrolment i.e. following the first census date, to assist with upfront costs, and $2,000 after confirmation of ongoing enrolment i.e. following the second census date.

Successful applicants from inner regional areas will be paid a single payment of $3,000 after confirmation of enrolment in your first year of study.

27.4 Further information

For further information, please visit the department’s TAP webpage. Detailed information on the TAP, eligibility criteria, how to apply and how payments are made are outlined in the Tertiary Access Payment Guidelines (released March 2022).