21. Commonwealth contribution amounts

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21.1 - How much will the Commonwealth contribute?

The amount the Commonwealth contributes through the CGS depends on the funding cluster to which units of study are allocated [HESA section 33-10]. The Commonwealth contribution amounts for a particular yearare published by the department.

21.2 - How are units of study allocated to funding clusters?

Units of study are allocated to funding clusters, or parts of funding clusters, according to their classification under the Australian Standard Classification of Education, as per chapter 5 of the CGS Guidelines.

The definition of professional pathway courses for Psychology and Social Work (including youth work, counselling and community work), and the corresponding funding clusters, is in the CGS Guidelines.

Professional Pathway Psychology units of study are Behavioural Science units (with Field of Education (FOE) codes starting with 0907) that contribute to a course of study that leads to a bachelor degree or honours degree in psychology with a course structure that makes it compulsory to study units relevant to professional registration as a psychologist by the Psychology Board of Australia, and the course of study represents a pathway to professional registration as a psychologist. Units of study that contribute to courses of study that lead to an Undergraduate Certificate or Graduate Certificate award do not meet the definition of a professional pathway course.

Professional Pathway Social Work units of study are Human Welfare Studies and Services units (with FOE codes starting with 0905) that contribute to courses of study that lead to a bachelor degree, honours degree or masters degree in:

  • social work accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers
  • youth work accredited by Youth Work Australia
  • counselling accredited by the Australian Counsellors Association and/or the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia; and
  • community work accredited by the Australian Community Workers Association

Professional Pathway Psychology and Professional Pathway Social Work units are part of CGS funding cluster 2 and student contribution band 2.

If students enrolled in a Professional Pathway course use their electives to enrol in subjects in FOE  0907 (for Psychology Professional Pathways) or 0905 (for Social Work Professional Pathways), these students will be charged the Professional Pathway student contribution rate (Band 2).