Additional Commonwealth Supported Places

This content was published on Wednesday 10 May 2023. There may be more recent updates available.

The Government will provide $128.5 million to fund 4000 additional commencing university places over the next four years to deliver graduates from STEM and related disciplines, including professional engineering, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

Of these, 800 places will be allocated to South Australian universities, with the first 200 places commencing in 2024.

Developing a pipeline of highly-skilled STEM graduates will strengthen Australia’s sovereign capabilities, supporting Nuclear-Powered Submarine Program initiatives, industry and the economy. It will provide the opportunity to grow Australia’s excellence in STEM disciplines, including nuclear research and science, to support the nuclear workforce and related sectors. This measure will also support ongoing work to strengthen Australia’s sovereign capability.

Funding for these further places is in addition to the existing 20,000 Commonwealth Supported Places already delivered by the Australian Government to address skills shortages in areas of national priority, and to provide more opportunities for students from under-represented backgrounds.

Eligible higher education providers will be invited to apply for an allocation of these places. As part of their applications, providers will be required to provide evidence that places will directly address relevant workforce needs.

The Department of Education will provide additional information and open applications to eligible providers. Funding will commence for places to be offered for Semester 1 2024.