Higher Education Funding

Higher education funding supports better learning and teaching.

Nuclear-Powered Submarine Student Pathways

The additional places will develop a pipeline of highly-skilled STEM graduates who will strengthen Australia’s sovereign capabilities.

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20,000 additional Commonwealth supported places

The additional places will address skill shortages and give more students from under-represented backgrounds the opportunity to attain a higher education qualification.

Guiding principles and vision

Job-ready Graduates Package

The Job-ready Graduates Package will result in:

  • Changes to student contributions
  • More opportunities for regional students

If you're a current and new students studying from 1 January 2021, you should:

  • Talk to your current or intended higher education provider
  • Confirm whether these changes affect you
Job Ready Graduates package

    Funding provided

    The majority of funding is administered under the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) 2003.

    Measures funded under HESA includes the:

    HESA also provides other grants to higher education providers including the:

    Determinations are made each year confirming grant or advance amounts paid to each higher education provider.

    Higher education funding is indexed annually using the indexation factor for the relevant year in accordance with Part 5-6 of HESA.

    A higher education provider’s access to grants under HESA is partially determined by its table listing under Subdivision 16-B of HESA. Providers may be categorised as Table A, B or C (international). For information on a provider’s table status or the process for changing table categories you can email: cgs@education.gov.au.

    More information

    Go to Funding Resources for compacts with national institutions