Consultation on Draft National Digital Research Infrastructure Strategy

The Department of Education is coordinating the development of a Strategy for Australia’s National Digital Research Infrastructure (NDRI).

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This is in accordance with Recommendation 7 of the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap and is releasing a Draft NDRI Strategy for public consultation.

The Australian Government’s 2021 National Research Infrastructure (NRI) Roadmap called for the development of a National Digital Research Infrastructure (NDRI) Strategy (recommendation 7).

The Strategy will:

  • establish a vision for a user-centric Australian NDRI system over the next 10-15 years,
  • present a high-level strategic direction to steer the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) response to major challenges facing Australia’s NDRI system and users, and
  • guide Government investment and decision-making, particularly through NCRIS.

Please review the Draft NDRI Strategy and provide your feedback by filling in the department’s questionnaire. A preview of the online questionnaire has also been provided.

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The department welcomes feedback from NDRI experts, users and other stakeholders, including joint responses from organisations, groups and networks. Additional comments may be attached at the end of the questionnaire.

Your responses will help inform the final version of the NDRI Strategy.