The National Research Infrastructure Advisory Group

The National Research Infrastructure Advisory Group has been established to provide the Australian Government with independent and long-term strategic advice on national research infrastructure (NRI).

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Establishing an Advisory Group was a key recommendation of the 2021 NRI Roadmap.

The Advisory Group will advise on priorities, trends and investment opportunities to ensure that researchers have access to cutting edge NRI. The Group’s role is critical in supporting a modern NRI ecosystem that is flexible, relevant and responsive to emerging research needs and challenges.

The NRI Advisory Group members are:

  • Professor Elizabeth Sonenberg (Chair)
  • Dr Leanna Read
  • Ms Lauren Stafford
  • Emeritus Professor Joseph Shapter
  • Professor Calum Drummond AO
  • Ms Suzanne Toumbourou
  • Professor Stephen van Leeuwen
  • Professor Mark Western.