National Research Infrastructure


National research infrastructure (NRI) comprises the nationally significant assets, facilities and services that support leading‑edge research and innovation. It is accessible to publicly and privately funded users across Australia, and internationally. It is a critical platform for the research sector which in turn supports countless more jobs, including in small business, across almost every sector of the economy. NRI enables research that supports improved health and wellbeing of Australians, the capacity to address critical national issues such as food security and support for a healthy environment, and policies relating to research and science and development.

Strategic Framework

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that Australia maintains its position as an established global leader in world-class research. To achieve this, Australian researchers require continuing access to cutting edge NRI.

Demonstrating this commitment, the Government recently made a significant additional investment of $2.2 billion to address NRI priorities, an investment which builds on past strategic planning and investment. Australia’s NRI Strategic Framework also includes plans for future investment plans and roadmaps.

NCRIS program

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program is a key enabler for NRI, by supporting a network of world-class NRI infrastructure projects. The projects support the Australian economy through high-quality research driving greater innovation in the Australian research sector. They also support strategically important research to address key national and global challenges.