Integrated Data Research

The Integrated Data Analytics research unit looks into complex issues that affects Australians throughout their lives. This research then helps inform policies and programs to improve our well-being as Australians.

Integrated Data Research

As a member of the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project the department undertakes research projects to improve the well-being of Australians using:

  • Integrated data
  • Cross-portfolio engagement
  • Academic collaborations

A number of these projects were funded by the Data Integration Partnership for Australia.

Integrated Data Research

Current projects

The team is currently leading 2 research projects:

Measuring the social return on investment from education and training.

  • Develops estimates of average social return on investment from tertiary education (apprentices and university graduates)
  • Helps better understand the distributional impacts of tertiary education

The first 5 years: What makes a difference?

  • Identify policy levers across early childhood education, health and welfare for improving children’s start to life
  • Aims to understand the effects of health and socio-economic factors that drive developmental vulnerability in children starting school
  • Identifies particular interventions or protective factors that can improve these outcomes
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