Commonwealth Prac Payment

The Commonwealth Prac Payment offers nursing, teaching and social work students support while they’re undertaking mandatory placements.

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The Australian Government will establish a new Commonwealth Prac Payment (CPP) for students to help them manage the costs associated with undertaking a mandatory placement (also known as a practicum) as part of a higher education course in teaching, nursing and midwifery, and social work; and nursing in vocational education and training (VET) courses.

From July 2025, eligible students will be able to access $319.50 per week (benchmarked to the single Austudy rate) while they’re undertaking a placement.

The payment will be means-tested to target students who need it the most.

For higher education students, the Government will work with the higher education sector to introduce this new assistance payment, to be delivered through eligible higher education providers.

For VET students, the Government will administer the payment through the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR). 

Program Guidelines will be developed in collaboration with stakeholders, including First Nations people to ensure the payment is accessible.


The Department of Education will consult with stakeholders to develop the Program Guidelines.