Emerging Priorities Program

The purpose of the Emerging Priorities Program (EPP) is to fund projects that assist school communities to respond to emerging priorities in school education, including to meet the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

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The intended outcomes for the EPP are:

  • improved educational outcomes for school students
  • improved engagement of school students and their families with school education
  • improved wellbeing of school leaders, teachers, and school students.

The continuing impacts of COVID-19 on schools and students have been immensely challenging. Recognising these impacts, the EPP Open Competitive Grant Opportunity was conducted in early 2022 to fund on-the-ground support for schools.

The Department of Education received very strong interest in the Grant Opportunity and successful applications were of a very high standard. Following the conclusion of the Grant Opportunity, 34 providers were selected to deliver projects under the EPP.

Funded Organisation
Macquarie Primary School
Sydney Story Factory Incorporated
Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
Merri Community Health Services Limited
Macquarie Marketing Group Pty Ltd
University of Tasmania
Australian Schools Plus Ltd
Missing School
Rypple Ltd
Smiling Mind
Aurora Education Foundation Limited
Burn Bright Ltd
Giant Steps Australia Ltd
Griffith University
KAEA Pty Ltd
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Cowboys Charity Limited
Liminal VR Pty Ltd
Guildford Grammar School Incorporated
Central Queensland University
The University of Adelaide
Bamara Pty Ltd
Royal Far West
Sharing Stories Foundation Limited
The Skill Engineer Ltd
Youth Opportunities Australia Limited
Victoria University
Educational Sponsorships Pty Ltd
Hunter Innovation and Science Hub Incorporated
Save the Children Australia
The Live Life Whole Project Pty Ltd
John Forrest Senior College

Information about the grant opportunity, as well as a General Feedback Summary, can be found at Community Grants Hub.