Emerging Priorities Program

The purpose of the Emerging Priorities Program (EPP) is to fund projects that assist school communities to respond to emerging priorities in school education, including recovery from COVID-19.

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The intended outcomes for the EPP are:

  • improved educational outcomes for school students
  • improved engagement of school students and their families with school education
  • improved wellbeing of school leaders, teachers, and school students.

The continuing impacts of COVID-19 on schools and students have been immensely challenging. Recognising these impacts, $11.2 million is now available through the EPP Open Competitive Grant Opportunity to fund on-the-ground support for schools.

The Grant Opportunity will be administered by the Community Grants Hub, on behalf of the Department of Education Skills and Employment (Department). Projects may be funded for a period of 12 months.
Further information is available through Grant Connect.

Note: Applications for the Grant Opportunity opened on 28 January, and closed on 17 February 2022.