School funding

Funding is provided to both government and non-government schools.

Funding differences

School funding is delivered by both the Australian Government as well as the States and Territories to:

  • Non-Government schools (eg: private, Catholic): the majority of public funding is provided by the Australian Government, with the states and territories providing the rest.
  • Government schools (eg: state schools): the majority of public funding is provided by the State or Territory that the school is located in, with the Australian Government providing the rest.

Latest school funding information for every government and non-government school in Australia is available from My School. Estimates of future Australian Government funding for every government school are available from the School Funding Estimator.

Committed funding - quality schools

Legal requirements for schools

There are two laws that set out the rules for school funding:

The Schools Funding Assurance Framework helps schools follow these laws. The department also runs assurance and compliance activities to make sure schools are using funding properly.

Quality Schools

Reporting on school funding

The SchoolsHUB site is for schools, school systems and approved authorities to manage applications for programs.

Schools have to report on how they are using funding at set times throughout the year.

Go to SchoolsHUB to report on funding if you are a:

  • School
  • Schools system
  • Approved authority
Schools Hub - Reporting