Australian Education Act 2013


The Australian Education Act 2013 (the Act) is the principal legislation for Australian Government funding to government and non-government schools. The Act commenced on 1 January 2014 and was last amended on 23 June 2017 to give effect to the Quality Schools package.

The Act sets out the rights and responsibilities of organisations in order for them to receive Australian Government funding for the purposes of school education. These organisations include approved authorities for schools, block grant authorities and non-government representative bodies. The Act also sets out broad expectations for compliance, to ensure funding accountability to the Commonwealth and to school communities.

The Act was amended in 2017 to support a funding model that is transparent, consistent and needs-based. The updated legislative framework will help guide a new national, collaborative approach to school reforms, based on clear objectives and targets for performance.

The Australian Education Regulation 2013 (the Regulation) provides more detail to support the operation of the Act. It outlines the financial accountability and other conditions that are required in order to receive funding under the Act. The Regulation was also amended as part of the implementation of the Quality Schools package.

The Department of Education and Training is currently redeveloping guidance material for school funding. This guidance material will be available soon. Please contact the department at if you have any further questions.