Funding Australian research infrastructure

NCRIS Funding Announcement Banner

The Australian Government has approved $650 million in funding to support national research infrastructure through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

This funding will support the NCRIS projects to sustain and build new capabilities that will deliver a significant boost to research excellence in areas including renewables and low emissions technologies, medical science, and agriculture.

The additional funding will enable facilities to maintain or expand the research infrastructure they provide to support an estimated 51,000 Australian researchers annually.


Access to national research infrastructure is provided through a network of 26 projects under NCRIS. This includes physical tools and equipment, like microscopes or supercomputers, data on Australia’s environment and cities, and technical advice and services.

Users relying on NCRIS range from early career researchers and small businesses who would otherwise struggle to access research infrastructure, to global research leaders tapping into the unique facilities that NCRIS provides.

Australia is an established global leader in world-class research. Since 2006, through NCRIS, the Australian Government has funded priority research infrastructure facilities to support Australia’s research effort.

The importance of research cannot be underestimated for a robust and thriving Australia. It is one of the ways in which we further technology, products and services that benefit all Australians and strengthens our economy.

Visit the department’s website to read case studies or find out more about NCRIS.

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